Best-Selling Books

I’ve been helping to produce best-selling books for over three decades. As both an in-house and contract book editor, I’ve contributed editorial and production services to the 66 national and international best-sellers showcased below.

Working with hundreds of authors and 28 trade publishers and imprints over the years (including three of the Big Five: Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, and Simon & Schuster), I’ve drawn heavily from this high-quality talent well. Along with my editorial expertise, I apply these best-seller publishing insights and my insider experience to each and every new manuscript.

When it comes to publishing best-sellers, it’s not only about the merit of the writing, the potential mass appeal of the topic or story, and the timing. It’s also about the calibre of the editor. You shouldn’t trust just anyone with your legacy project. You’d seek out the best surgeon, lawyer, and accountant that you could—same goes for your book editor. It’s what professionals do.

So if you’re serious about getting your manuscript published, hiring an experienced book editor with an excellent (and verifiable) track record is a wise investment. Many different factors contribute to making a book a best-seller. It takes a highly skilled editor to help bring out the best in a manuscript: making it more marketable and improving its chances of getting published.

One of the first steps in your publishing journey is to read my blog on how to find, verify, and hire a professional editor (and avoid the glut of editorial flakes, fakes, and factories found online these days). “How to Hire a Book Editor” identifies the key factors you need to consider before investing your time, money, and trust in a book editor. Then you can always get in touch via my contact page to schedule a free consultation about the editing and publishing processes. I look forward to meeting you and your manuscript.

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66 Best-Sellers