Reviews of My Book Editing

Please take a moment to assess the following client reviews of my book editing to help you determine the value and quality that I can contribute to your project.

Working with hundreds of authors and 28 trade publishers and imprints over the years (including three of the Big Five: Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, and Simon & Schuster), I’ve drawn heavily from this high-quality talent well. Along with my editorial expertise, I apply my publishing insights and insider experience to each and every new manuscript. These reviews of my book editing highlight my ability to make meaningful improvements.

Whether you are a high-calibre best-selling author, a Big Five or boutique publisher, a break-through emerging writer, a veteran or newbie indie author, or someone who wants to improve their writing no matter the medium, I am dedicated to bringing out the best in your project. As you read these reviews of my book editing, be confident that you and your manuscript will be treated with the same care as remarked upon below.

“Heather Sangster has been the primary copy editor of my work for the past 28 years and my publications owe a great deal to her services. She is meticulously thorough and thoroughly professional.”


“Many thanks are due to ... Heather Sangster of Strong Finish, the demon copy editor who picks every nit, including those yet unhatched.” ~ Acknowledgements,
The Testaments
Headshot of internationally best-selling, multi-award-winning author Margaret Atwood and her book The Testaments.
~ Margaret Atwood
Internationally best-selling, multi-award-winning author
“Heather at Strong Finish would always be my first choice as editing partner for any writer looking to improve his or her professionalism. I have an English degree and copy-editing training myself, so I can be quite critical of a person’s command of grammar, style, and expression, but I can safely say that every edit Heather suggests is completely justified and only makes the finished product stronger. When Heather edited my teen novel Girl Reinvented, she maintained my voice and authenticity while encouraging me to question both larger questions of content and minor hiccups with sentence structure and word choice. I endorse Heather’s work without hesitation.”
Headshot of author Ann Allchin.
~ Ann Moore
Girl Reinvented
“Heather Sangster is a prodigiously gifted editor. She has an instinct for understanding what writers are seeking to achieve and the knowledge to ferret out any inconsistencies or ambiguities that could stand in the way of writers reaching their goal. Heather is ever patient and always pleasant. She is, in every way, an excellent colleague.”
Headshot of award-winning author Gail Bowen.
~ Gail Bowen
Award-winning author of the
Joanne Kilbourn Shreve Mysteries
“Heather Sangster is a highly professional editor with a gimlet eye for detail and a large and distinguished clientele. She transformed my manuscript.”
Journalist and author Hilary Brown on a sailboat.
~ Hilary Brown
Groundbreaking journalist and
author, War Tourist: Memoirs of a Foreign Correspondent
“Heather has a deeply intuitive sense of writers’ voices and intentions. She has lent her clear and precise editing eyes to my memoir, fiction, and an anthology of other contributors' writing, always with prompt and respectful communication. Even while writing this testimonial, I know she will fix my terrible commas and be kind about it. Heather’s grounded and calm style is an asset to any author.”
Headshot of author Julie Devaney.
~ Julie Devaney
My Leaky Body and Mess: The Hospital Anthology
“Professional and fastidious … devoted to understanding our organization’s mission and our hopes for each piece of material we produce, which allows us to present our work to the community and to the country in the most meaningful and effective way.”
Headshot of managing director Alison Faulknor.
~ Alison Faulknor
Former managing director, Dominion Institute
“Invaluable and creative wordsmith skills, and the ability to work quickly with our house style and turn around projects fast, which brings peace of mind and confidence to important projects. Money well spent.”
Headshot of VISA Director of Corporate Communications Tania Freedman.
~ Tania Freedman
Former director, Corporate Communications, VISA
“I worked with Heather Sangster at McClelland & Stewart from 1992 until I retired from the company in 2007. During those years she was copy editor to the best authors in the land. I know that she was, to use the language of grammar, 'superlative ... of the highest degree.' She was also a delight to have as a colleague. I think it is very appropriate that her company name uses the words strong finish.”
Headshot of author, editor, and publisher Douglas Gibson.
~ Douglas Gibson
Author, editor, and publisher, Douglas Gibson Books;
former president and publisher, McClelland & Stewart
“Heather Sangster in my opinion is one of the best editors in the business. I have engaged her editorial services for substantive editing and copy editing and her work is first rate, of the highest calibre. She is detailed-oriented and sees the microcosm as well as the macrocosm—zeroing in on both the big picture and the microscopic details of a manuscript. She is a perfectionist and strives for excellence in making your work shine in the strongest finish. I highly recommend Heather Sangster’s editorial services for any serious author wanting to make their work shine in the best light.”
Headshot of author Kagan Goh.
~ Kagan Goh
Piñata de Amor
“As I was working on The Way It Works—the only book I've ever written—the publisher at M&S kept telling me of the crucial role a copy editor plays and promised to retain the services of one of the best in the business for me. When I saw the product of Heather Sangster's work, I realized just how right he was on both counts.”
Headshot of author Eddie Goldenberg.
~ Eddie Goldenberg
The Way It Works
“An invaluable in-depth understanding of the entire publishing process.”
Headshot of publisher and editor Lynn Henry.
~ Lynn Henry
Publishing director, Knopf Canada;
former publisher, House of Anansi
“Heather copy-edited an essay for me that needed a quick turnaround. She was professional, her edits were consistent and clear, and my work was much stronger for her deft and intelligent touch. She also went over and above and made a few content-related comments that brought my writing to the place it needed to be for publication. I'm so grateful.”
Headshot of author Jessica Hiemstra.
~ Jessica Hiemstra
The Thinking Heart
“Heather has copy-edited my books, websites, and promotional material for many years. She nails it each time on time!”
Headshot of author Dany Lyne.
~ Dany Lyne
Sacred Tree for All Seasons
“Heather is a remarkable talent. She has such a keen eye for detail and an innate understanding of voice, character, and narrative. Heather treated my work as if it was her own and I couldn't imagine placing it in any other hands.”
Headshot of author Karen McBride.
~ Karen McBride
Crow Winter​
“Professional, dependable, astute, and enthusiastic.”
Headshot of editor Pamela Murray.
~ Pamela Murray​
Senior editor, former managing editor,
Random House
“They say experience is the best teacher and Heather Sangster has plenty of that. I knew my book was in good hands and am delighted with the final copy edit. Heather was patient, didn’t rush, and gave me a professionally finished document. Thank you, Heather.”
Headshot of author Carol Newall.
~ Carol Newall
Outside the Gate (forthcoming)
“Invaluable, patient, and dedicated during the unusually intense delivery of my book.”
Headshot of best-selling, award-winning author, journalist, and broadcaster Noah Richler.
~ Noah Richler
Best-selling, award-winning author,
journalist, and broadcaster
“Heather Sangster’s insights, care, famous timelines, and other tightly woven nets, destined to catch even the most pesky of inconsistencies, bring final lustre to the books she works on.”
Headshot of publisher and fiction editor Ellen Seligman.
~ Ellen Seligman
Legendary fiction editor and publisher, McClelland & Stewart
“Heather brought my novel to its absolutely perfect conclusion by making a brilliant suggestion about the last act. It was a moment of magic that sometimes occurs between writers and editors.”
Headshot of award-winning author Linda Spalding.
~ Linda Spalding
Best-selling, award-winning author of
The Purchase and A Reckoning
“Without the great work of Heather at Strong Finish, many of The World Remembers' text materials would be in shaky shape. It is a great service: fast, thorough, and considerate of editorial parameters.”
Headshot of The World Remembers producer R H Thomson.
~ R. H. Thomson
Producer, The World Remembers