Manuscript Evaluation Services

My manuscript evaluation services are usually the first step you’ll take in the editorial process.

As much as you may feel done after completing your manuscript, don’t let yourself off the hook. At this stage, an agent or publisher will typically provide their author with a dedicated editor to scrutinize the manuscript and offer comprehensive notes toward revision. Most unpublished writers, however, need to find this help independently.

If the details below don’t describe the type of professional editing services or analysis you think your manuscript might need at this stage, consult my other service definition pages for substantive editing, line editing, copy editing, and proofreading.

If you’re still unsure or would just like to see how I can be of help, contact me and we’ll determine your next best steps together. No more time and energy wasted second-guessing. I’ll show you what to fix and how.

My manuscript evaluation services involve:

  • a thorough read of your entire manuscript and
  • a multi-page critique that comments on the content (including characterization, dialogue, setting, believability, and research) and on the writing technique (including technical ability and style).

I’ll also suggest steps to further develop your manuscript, with an option to respond to three of the burning questions you may be worrying about.