Why Us

At this level, there’s an art to it.

We (editor Heather Sangster and designer/copywriter James G.) have been working in the publishing industry since 1988 and 2004, respectively, honing our technical expertise in multiple mediums, genres, and roles. We’ve mastered the rules—substantive criteria, style conventions, grammar guidelines—but more importantly we know when and how to bend them (and even break them) to bring out the best in your project. Knowing what works is key, and pedantic adherence to a style manual does not an expert make.

Over the years we’ve also become privy to the shifting tastes of literary agents and acquiring editors across the trade genres, and we keep on top of forthcoming trends and new horizons in traditional publishing and self-publishing. Thus, the Strong Finish mission has two goals: to provide ongoing editorial support to publishers and businesses worldwide; and to help emerging writers produce a professional manuscript that will hold an agent’s/publisher’s interest and stay out of the slush pile.

Ensuring that your publishing project is first class all the way, we apply decades of editorial, production, copywriting, and design expertise earned from long-time service to prominent publishers, authors, and businesses.

As we celebrate contributing our services to over 1,000 titles, we’re also proud to continuously support our clients’ communications and play a part in the distinctions they’ve earned: 59 best-sellers, 118 awards, and numerous prominent ad campaigns.

We deal in excellence, credibility, and relationships. With respect, patience, and warmth, we’ll collaborate with you to refine your writing because your project matters to you, and it matters to us, and we’ll help make sure it matters to your audience.

Explore our expertise here and review our portfolio to be confident that you’ll have the best editorial support in the business—whether you need project management, editing, design, copywriting, or other production prowess.